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how to get your child started

Step 1 – Reach Out

Fill out the request information form located below

Step 2 – Consultation

We will reach out to you to discuss if our services will meet the needs of your child and answer any questions you may have.


You will receive a form to fill out 


Step 3 – Evaluation

Once you are matched with a tutor, we will schedule an intake evaluation. This deep evaluation will be used to create an individualized plan for your child. It will also be used to inform stake holders and track growth over time. We are always open to discussing our findings with SLP's, OT's and Schools. 

Step 4 - Tutoring

A contract will be sent out for tutoring.


 Your child will begin their 1:1 tutoring plan with one of our highly trained literacy therapists. 

Watch You Child Grow

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